Monday, March 24, 2008


So how do you know if your'e a mutant? what innate factors in your thoughts speech or actions would act as the perfect litmus test to help identify one as a pace setter and a diffrent being? First of all, let me start by making it clear that a perfect test for identifying mutuants does not ecxist. However, the following guidelines may be of help.
You must think diffrently. In every society, be it the business environment, the coprate office, the educational institution, the secret service and even the church, there seems to be a set pattern. A NORMAL WAY OF DOING THINGS. A set of arrows and directions proposed by a form of authority or even by a majority seem to define the course through which activities are carried out in any given organization.The mutant sees these directions as simply those...directions and not the norm.In essence, a mutant differs significantly in the way and manner which he or she approaches every day challenges.
Now, lets be very careful here. we are not reffering to some radical deviation and possible opposition of set authority.No! What we are reffering to is the ability to involuntarily see and sense a situation from a totally diffrent perspective.A perspective that though diffrent actually provides the most effective solution to a challenging problem.
At one point or the other in our lives, we have come across or heard of these people whom we may have termed strange or diffrent. Sometimes, we have come under fire from colleagues or family members who believe that we are unusual. They believe we have something running in our veins that makes us unique...and sometimes we ourselves have felt something calling us from within. something pushing us to do more, to make changes to scatter the norm and break free of all usual proceedures. Sometimes we ignore this call and dimiss it as childhood dreams replayed in our adulthood. Sometimes we are right.......but sometimes we are wrong.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A Mutation occurs when a DNA gene is damaged or changed in such a way as to alter the genetic message carried by that gene.
A Mutagen is an agent of substance that can bring about a permanent alteration to the physical composition of a DNA gene such that the genetic message is changed.

We already live in a changing world. Nothing stays the same for longer than a week or two. Decisions by government and mega corporate institutions have caused shifts to occur. Most times, I can’t help but chuckle when I see the chasm that exist between my generation and that of my parents. It must be very difficult for my folks to keep up. Cable T.V has come to stay, the internet, that huge mass of connectivity that brings the world to ones fingertips is phasing out almost every other known means of communication. Nothing is traditional anymore. It’s more a movement than a singular existence. Even financial systems have undergone change that has seen a global recession hit over 80% of the world’s economies. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine introduced me to something he called Google earth, but which I choose to call ‘ the eyes of God’. How else do you explain the wondrous experience of seeing one’s own front lawn all the way from outer space? Totally unbelievable. About fifty years ago, I’m sure this idea seemed totally unattainable. Even if launching a satellite into space was a possibility, it probably would never have crossed the mind of many of the worlds citizens that access to images generated by so technical a device would be made available to an 18-year old at home on an I-phone. Strange isn’t it? No? probably not. We all have gotten used to what we can describe as the new age.
With this new age comes diversity. Diversity in opinions, systems, procedures and governance. Sometimes, this diversity leads to some very wrong decisions. Decisions that see the lot of us hiding from the realities of tomorrow. Once in a while, a maverick comes along and rekindles the hope of the nation, making us understand that beyond the darkness lies the possibility of change for the better and a step into a positive future is meekly taken by the populace. Unfortunately though, this singular step is matched by 7 huge bounds backwards, seeing us plummeting further into the grim darkness.
Have you ever woken up one morning and asked yourself how things got so bad, how the system crumbled so quickly beneath our feet leaving us with no time to catch our balance? I have. And try as I may to avoid the facts, the truth is, we failed ourselves. Yes of course, we have leaders to blame. Single individuals whom we feel we can hold responsible for every mistake, after all, we elected them into power why then should we not hold them accountable for their misjudgments? But let’s look at the big picture instead. How did these individuals get there? Were we asleep or did we let this happen. Do you blame a collection of individuals or a system that allowed these individuals to walk into these positions? Besides, what makes you think that you would have been able to tackle the challenges of a state differently if you were in a position to do so? Yes! A lot of us would argue this for hours, pointing out dozens of things which we could have done differently. Maybe. However, the point remains, the system, globally, has issues, has always had and will always have until we can figure out a way to adjust this system..from the roots.
I have always been an ardent admirer of the American psyche. The pride of the typical U.S citizen is definitive. I define it as the prototype psyche. American pride can only be equated with the spirit that rules its corporations and runs its government. Many do not admire this image though. To a lot of the middle easterlies, America is a big bully, interfering with stuff they ‘ought’ to keep their hands out of. Let’s keep out of the world politics for now. The point remains; whether you like the Americans and their policies or not, they remain one of the most diverse yet defined collection of individuals on the planet. This understanding has caused its citizens to act and reason within certain refined borders. Borders that project a branded image wherever they are found. So unique is this psyche that even nations and states give the country a certain level of respect that is not exactly a direct result of its military strength. This reputation as it were is perceived not because its manipulated but because it actually exists.
How was this branding done? What evolutionary proceedings took place that led to the formation of the current American psyche. Did it take time? Or was it a onetime change? We are not sure. Certain incidents may be referred to by some as the determining occurrences that led to the creation of the American. From the war to independence. From the end of slavery as we know it to the election of the first American president. Other schools of thought would make one believe that a long evolutionary process took place over a period of about 200 years or more years. Whichever the case, the American was created via change. Something changed someone or a group of persons from normal or usual to abnormal. The known pattern or procedure was altered to create the existing pattern. Modification occurred.
Today, these modifications can be induced. Changes can be encouraged that would lead to desired results. Science, in the area of genetic modification has done in countless times, not only in plants but also in the once seemingly complex animal kingdom. To strike a balance on the planet sometimes, these changes take place without human intervention. The effects of these are considered positive or negative in human terms. Nature may however see these differently. Take albinism for instance. Most animals challenged by this rare condition usually have to contend with the inability to perform most functions properly. Prey find it difficult to go out foraging for fear that they would easily be spotted by skilled predators. Predators faced with this challenge on the other hand, have to contend with poor hunting results as their prey can spot them from far away and make a rapid dash for safety. It just doesn’t pay to be white in a jungle characterized with dark crevices and green vegetation. Most of these albinos die out at an early age as they are unable to cope with the pressures of survival.
The above is a classic case of genetic modification with negative results. Once in a while though, some positive modification can occur that could lead to improved production. Take for instance, the artificial modification of fruit plants to produce at earlier stages of their lives, producing amazingly improved products of great benefit to the consuming populace. These are positive modifications that push nature up to its peak performance. It’s an amazing practice really and it has left many wowed by its effectiveness. Now how do we narrow these modifications or should I say broaden these changes to a larger and more complex group; the human mind. Many a time, orientation agencies come up with brand modification strategies that try, with the help of the media, to modify the mental scope of individuals. These campaigns have tried in the past….but they failed. Apparently, they kept doing it wrong. Something in their execution plan kept on flopping.
Frankly speaking, I think these plans were good, except that never took into consideration the big picture. One can come up with a beautiful painting, using a single brush. It all depends on how this brush is manipulated. The brush is a collection of soft threads working in harmony, working with understanding. Each move by the painted is well orchestrated to bring about the desired collection of colours that ends up becoming the Picasso on our walls. The agencies have tried by setting up an executive group of individuals, doing a great job…trying to fix the Nigerian mindset. Unfortunately, they have gotten two things wrong. First of all, the artist has failed to understand that what we require is not a collection of workers but a collection of likeminded genes or mavericks. Secondly, the artist has failed to understand that after collecting these genes, they can be pushed prodded and twisted to cause an uproar or massive change in the modification process which can be seen in the finished art work. An artwork that other artists can admire and aspire to own.
How? introduction of a mutagen. A charge, a source of radiation, an energy blast, anything at all that can lead to gene modification. This mutagen, introduced at the right time and frequency can cause a cascade of events to occur. By affecting one gene or set of genes, the mutagen can adjust the message being carried by these genes. Let me take out some time to describe these genes. They are not just any gene. They are a dominant group of block buster’s. Even if they are not dominant, they can be made to be dominant by the artist. They are the desired genes that carry those scripts which the farmer or genetic scientist wants to see. Most times, these signatures already exist but are never noticed on time. Reason being because they lie in a recessive state waiting to be tapped. Once in a while, nature pushes these out and outstanding qualities are seen that otherwise never seemed to exist.
I would like to take out time to describe these genes. The next chapter would look at these set of individuals in detail but let me give you a brief description. ‘the odd one out’. usually, the recessive never seems to be normal. It always appears to be the outcast. A strong but hidden characteristic. This palatable condition makes the ideal breeding ground for the experiment, introducing a mutagen that modifies the script or message carried by these genes.

A waiting period must be observed though. The effects of this genetic adjustment do not come to fruition immediately but after a while. This latency period is characterized by high expectations on the side of the cultivator. The anticipation arises, as the effects of wrong manipulation are considered. Take for instance, the adjustments below.

A sad horse.
This can easily be adjusted by a singular and careful manipulation of the message as seen below
A bad horse.
Now I’m not exactly sure why this genetic scientist would prefer a bad horse to a sad one, but the substitution has been done and required results have been obtained. Now what if a mistake occurred like the one below.
A mad horse.
Now our scientist is in trouble. A mad horse in exchange for a sad one is definitely a bad deal! This is a very simple example of the effects of mistakes in manipulation. After the observance of a latency period, a horse is made. A new breed, as desired by the master of the orchestra.
A lot of conservationist minds would want to see this as playing God, but for the good of a million starving people, I believe a little genetic manipulation would not be out of place. We all are open to our opinions anyway and where a lot would be concerned about the effects of this manipulation of the plants and animals in question, we can’t help but admit that the advantages outweigh the disadvantages by a long shot. This is optimizing production by harnessing the worlds resources.
I must admit at this point that though it may seem easy, the process of manipulation simply isn’t. Years of research and study have gone into the idea of genetic manipulation. A lot of road blocks and mountains have been faced along the way but today, though the process is still under constant review, the results have been much more than satisfactory. It works and works well with a success rate of over 97%..

Saturday, March 22, 2008


NATIVITY-The Hypothesis

1. I’m a Nigerian, so what? What does this mean? Does my definition as aNigerian end at the fact that I was born between certain geographicalLongitudes and Latitudes? If it does. What differentiates me from another individual? Is thedefinition of Nigerian, or American a question of space and distance orsomething more?2. If my being a Nigerian is more than being born in Nigeria, what makesme different? What is the unseen factor that cannot be found in anotherperson from a separate Nationality? If the definition of "Nigerian" is not biological (we are all biologically identical) and not related to location or physical attributes,(can you tell a Nigerian from aGhanaian or a Togolese by the physical?), then indeed it is somethingmore.3. Firstly we know that "it " is not visible. its presence cannot be proved bya practical experiment or a laboratory analysis.4. if it isn’t physical or biological, "It" must be psychological, a mental nicheor consciousness that all Nigerians possess.5.If this is it, it means that being a Nigerian makes us unique. Not only arewe born in a region, we are all defined by a particular distinct thinking.6. We are special, a "social species" if you may. Not an organism but a type oforganism called Nigerian.150 million Nigerians put together make up a single speciesor type.7. As we are a species (type), we must have a protected psychologicalcomposition. (like a gene pool).A cat and a dog cannot interbreed for the simplefact that they both have a protected gene pool.8. As a country, our psychological pool (composition), is unique andprotected by isolating mechanisms. The Nigerian SPC(social psychologicalcomposition) cannot interbreed with or be substituted for the AmericanSPC.In easier terms, the Nigerian mentality and the American mentality aretwo distinct, different and protected entities.9. if "Nigerian’ is a species or type, each of us 150 million is a socialpsychological unit (gene) that makes up the whole.10. Each of us contributes a single psychological characteristic (trait) thatcontributes to the overall mental nature of the species-Nigerian.11. It therefore follows, that we all define and determine, to a unit degree,the composition of the state of mind called "nigerian".In other words,characteristic A of the species "Nigerian", is an innate expression of a trait carriedon from a unit (gene) or group of units in the whole. This trait is thenexpressed as part of the whole.12. You and I and 150 million others determine the mindset called"Nigerian". The question is; is it possible to "toy" with the genes (units) of a species so as toacquire certain traits? Is it possible to scientifically manipulate the geneticmake up of a species to acquire a desired nature? Indeed it is! In fact, this isthe core of genetic and DNA modification today and this technological ability has saved millions of lives by the production of genetically modified crops or GMCs.Wheat that would naturally grow and produce in 6months can now be made to produce in 3 and give even better fruits! Also, foodsthat are susceptible to pest attack can now be modified into resistant types. It’s all in the genes! .Once in a while, nature toys with genes too, causing conditions like sickle cell anemia andalbinism. The reason for this could be medical or even as a result of harmful radioactive radiation. Whatever the case, the fact remains, genes (units), can be modified.14.If this is possible in the species called tridax procumbens, it is very possible in thespecies called Nigerian.15. How is it done? how do you turn a lanky, tall, fruitless, 4-year old bananaplant into a young sturdy,3 month old, banana making machine?16. It starts by identifying the gene or genes required for short life and bigfruits and modifying these into producing today’s banana GMCs.17.You cant deal with just any gene (any unit), u need the right genes.18. If Nigerian is a species or mental status made up of genes. We canbring about a modification if we tamper with the genes associated with theexpressing the desired traits, but we have to identify the required genesor singular psychological units. (SPUs) required to create the "mutantNigerian species"19. These units are distinct, different, they are all genes, yes we know, butthey are the ones that carry the desired traits which can be modified intobeing expressed as the DOMINANT trait.20. Vice versa, unwanted tendencies can be modified at the gene or unitlevel into becoming manifest at the species level as the RECCESSIVE trait.21. Therefore to create a GMC or a mutant, identify the desired characteristic,identify the genes (units) that carry these traits and manipulate them intobecoming the dominant characteristic.

Its most likely that one would very easily fall prey to the net of confusion surrounding the hypothesis above. This is quite understandable as it would take only a mutant mind to comprehend the massive changes that can occur once the right people in our society are tuned to the right frequencies.Are we not generally tired of reiterating the flaws of the past? Are we not tired of pointing fingers at our past mistakes, passing the ball of blame and smearing the little progress we have made in the past with the mud of uncertainty? This is a generation for the new minds. The minds that can and will change the world!I am writing these thoughts of mine as an introduction to the future, a future that will be introduced by my words. I sincerely hope that the hypothesis I have proposed and the calculative, speculative and deductive conclusions that I will scribble down in the days, weeks and probably years to come, would bring about the much desired change that would shake the citizens of my world in this generation and in generations to come.This is a call to all Mutants who know within themselves that they carry an unseen ability to bring about change in a massive degree that will positively impact on the shores of present day civilization.So from now on let’s take this walk and one day when a concise report of these memoirs reaches the world maybe its effect will be felt more powerfully. I look forward to this experience.